March 1, 2018

The first real snowfall we’ve had at Exeter Voice Over. 

Sadly we can’t get to the main studio but we have managed to set up a home studio for emergency jobs. 

October 24, 2017

Really great to find out that a game that I've provided some of the VO for has been released. It's a Command and Conquer style strategy game for iOS and is out now on its initial release in Brazil.

This was great fun...

October 23, 2017

With the Holiday season fast approaching a familiar sight is business administrators striving to get a moment of quiet to record a new seasonal out of office answerphone message. Getting more and more frustrated by the second, the resulting messages end up sounding ann...

October 23, 2017

We live in a world surrounded by media, so much so that we often don't notice the voices that surround us day in and day out. Since starting as a professional Voice talent, the sheer number of voices that we are exposed to on a daily basis really brought to my attentio...

September 1, 2017

 New Enaya audiobook in production. This is book two of a series that I really enjoy. Sometimes people ask about my process when it comes to producing an audiobook. 

It all begins with the first read through. As I read through I note down the name of characters and...

August 9, 2017

Available on YouTube and our Facebook page. 

August 3, 2017

It's been a great week building this new booth. Worth all the effort and the time. It sounds great and there's plenty of space to move around when voicing characters. 

July 31, 2017

Our new sound booth is progressing with the outer skin and framing finished we're now working on the interior and acoustic treatment. Hoping to have the booth ready for installation of the technical aspects by the end of today. 

July 26, 2017

New booth under construction. Looking forward to hearing how this one sounds when it's been treated.

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October 24, 2017

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