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Welcome to my website Exeter Voice Over, if you’re on this page then I hope you’ve just come here from watching my introduction webinar on the six step process I use to achieve professional quality audio.


I want to keep this page simple so this will be a basic list of the recommendations I made in the webinar.


To begin with


Vocal Booths

Basic - A closet lined with clothes is good enough.

Medium – Perspex tubes to make a frame with moving blankets hung over it.

Pro – Vocal booth, look at whisperroom, or if you’re really going elite go for Studiobricks.


The reality is that your car or a pillow fort is also good enough.



AKG K240’s

Beyerdynamic DT770’s



Basic (Free) – Audacity

Medium – Adobe Audition or Reaper

Pro – Apple Logic Pro or Avid Pro Tools




Large Diaphragm Condensors

Best for use in a vocal booth and if you’re going to be sat down reading a lot of information.


Basic – Rode NT2a

Medium – Sontronics STC - 3x

Pro – Neumann U87ai


Dynamic Microphone

For live sound and live events


Shure SM58


Shotgun Microphones

Best option for location sound or if you’re not going to be moving around a huge amount


Basic – Rode Video Mic

Medium – Rode NTG…

Pro – Sennheiser MKH-416


As good as Pro or better?

Deity S mic 2

Synco mic D2



Audio Interfaces

These provide power for your microphone and translate the microphone signal for your computer.


Basic – Focusrite 2i2

Medium – Audient id22

Pro – Universal Audio Apollo Twin


Portable Audio

My biggest recommendation if you travel, are going to be interviewing or recording in your car.


Zoom H5


USB Microphones




Apogee Mic


My strongest recommendation to give you a flexible future proof option into the future is get a Zoom H5 and either the Deity S mic 2 or the Synco mic D2


Clean up software

This is the best software you will find for the purpose.


iZotope RX

Version 9 was just released but if you can get an earlier version for less, go for it. You don't need any more than version 6.

Remember the six steps are:




4.Clean Up



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