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New audiobook in production

New Enaya book

New Enaya audiobook in production. This is book two of a series that I really enjoy. Sometimes people ask about my process when it comes to producing an audiobook.

It all begins with the first read through. As I read through I note down the name of characters and any details about their appearance and mannerisms. It's like preparing to act in a play, I need to learn everything I can about each character. By the time I've finished the book I have an idea of each character, how they move and look and at least a little bit how they sound to me. I start out by taking on the mannerisms of the character and notice how it changes my voice naturally, then I have to check that I can sustain the voice for the length of a book. The next step is to create a "Lead in line" for the character, a simple phrase that I can easily say in their voice which will get me back into their tone.

Then recording begins.

I use punch and roll recording using Pro Tools 12, when the audio is ready or my voice needs a break I go back and edit and get ready to do any pickups I might need. Then it's off to RX6 advanced for any clean up before going back into pro tools to finalise and Master the finished track.

It takes about 6 hours to finish one hour of audio.

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