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Out of office for the Holidays?

With the Holiday season fast approaching a familiar sight is business administrators striving to get a moment of quiet to record a new seasonal out of office answerphone message. Getting more and more frustrated by the second, the resulting messages end up sounding annoyed, fed up and can lead to a disengagement of your potential customers and can even damage the existing relationship you have with your clients.

Hiring a professional Voice Talent to record your message for you could really pay off in the long term and helps to get rid of that little bit of stress on the run up to the holidays.

At Exeter Voice Over getting this done is actually a really simple process.

1. Write down what you want the message to say.

2. We record three versions for you to choose from.

3. Complete payment and upload the message to your answering system.

Special Offer until January 1st 2018:

Out of office Holiday message (1x100 words): £20

Out of office General message (1x100 words): £65

General and Holiday messages (2x100 words): £65

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